My problem is this: when I like a restaurant, I keep going. I’ll introduce it to others. I’ll make them meet me there. I’ll always bring it up and suggest it. And things will stay that way until the inevitable day when that restaurant changes something – or I have a bad experience (R.I.P. Macaroni Grill) – and then it’s all over.

They are dead to me. Life goes on. Adios.

But until that day, they are the wind beneath my wings. They are my precious. I will forsake all similar restaurants for that one. The place that currently holds that special place in my heart is Burger & Co.

I know it’s just a burger joint and you’re like whatever. There are so many in Taipei it’s like a burger rash swept through the city these past five years. But this one is different. And better.

Why Burger & Co?

First things first. They have a legit 2 for 1 happy hour special. And that beer special (two Heinekens or Budweisers for 150NT) lasts from 5-8pm. Every damn day. This is extremely important. It’s really rare to find happy hour specials in Taipei that occur after work and before dinner.

The burger (180NT) is really delicious, of course. The beef patty is fresh, not frozen. The buns are toasted and not sweet. I always order the classic burger and it’s definitely comparable to Shake Shack. Fries are housemade and the chicken wings are popular too.

I’m so loyal to Burger & Co, I rarely order a burger anywhere else. Why bother?

Tong Hua address: