yakiniku muteki taipei

A Dinner at Yakiniku Muteki in Taipei

I’m no food photographer or food blogger, but I appreciate a plate of well-marbled beef like the next carnivore. So indulge me while I share these shots from last night’s dinner at Yakiniku Muteki [炭火燒肉 無敵].

The salad, which I didn’t take a photo of, was great. I love fresh tofu in salads. There are tidy lockers to store your stuff, which is so considerate. Altogether, we ordered salad, soups, beers, two plates of wagyu beef, grilled vegetables and pickles…and everything came to 3,500NT.

I’ll admit we got a little excited because we’ve been eating home-cooked meals for over a month, and also someone had a fever — for which the only prescription was yakiniku.

yakiniku muteki taipei

If you sit downstairs, the server cooks the food for you. The exhausts are cool, right? And they switch out the grills like every two minutes — which makes the hygiene freak in me very, very satisfied.

yakiniku muteki taipei

Hello, meat.  You shine like a delicious, meaty diamond.

yakiniku muteki taipei

Look on the right-side of the tank. You see that shrimp head-down in the bubbles? What do you think is going on? I made our nice server rescue/extract it because I couldn’t eat in peace in case it wasn’t there by choice. Or maybe it was trying to get high. Or it was there for a massage…who knows.

You can scroll through more photos of marbled beef on Muteki’s Facebook page.

Yakiniku Muteki

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