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Que Woodfire Grill at amba Songshan Hotel

I had a super relaxing stay at the shiny amba Songshan hotel recently. Naturally, it made sense to check out the in-house restaurant, Que


The space is pretty stunning. There’s an open, central kitchen that must have the world’s most effective exhaust system. You don’t smell a whiff of smoke.


At the entrance is this quiet bar. The cocktail menu isn’t long, and you’ll find the usual hotel standards. But there are a handful of original concoctions to try as well. I got lucky and loved the one I picked. It was essentially a cocktail version of an Earl Grey tea, which just makes perfect sense.


The side of the restaurant facing the river was closed off for a private event, so we sat on the other side of the open kitchen.

Photos aren’t super crisp, sorry! I took them on my phone (as usual) but the lighting there isn’t conducive to taking photos of food, as you’ll see. But the good news is the music and decor are perfect for actual dining.


At Que, you can order three sizes of wine: tasting glass at 30ml, half glass at 75ml and full glass at 150ml. I decided to go with a flight of tasting wine portions just for the hell of it.

It’s a smart idea when you consider the typical Taiwanese diner rarely drinks wine with dinner. At least this way, everyone has something to sip on instead of apologizing for drinking water or teaThough I will say that the idea of someone nursing a 30ml mini-glass of wine for an hour or two makes me want to hyperventilate.


Here it is! My very successful Earl Grey cocktail. Named “British Snow”. It would be totally perfect for brunch. Or, dare I admit it, breakfast.



Let me explain how the menu works. Basically, you pick a main course from the grill and the open salad/dessert bar is included in the price. It’s a pretty great deal.

Above is the warm, house-made rye bread. It’s 130NT a roll. You’ll want this to dunk into the soup from the salad bar. Below that is one of the many little salads I made for myself.


Since I intended to go crazy with soup, salads and pasta, we shared this surf’n’turf platter for two. The massive shrimp was juicy and tender. The meat was a perfect medium rare, but we agreed it could have arrived at the table warmer. It was just the right amount of food.



FYI, this is the Spanish grill they’re workin’ with. They burn wood from lychee and longan fruit trees. It’s pretty cool to see it up close and in action.


I’ll definitely be back for dinner soon, but more likely, a late brunch. The daytime views at the amba Songshan hotel are killer.

Call Que Woodfire Grill to make a reservation for brunch (weekends only) or dinner: 02 2653 2899

I dined as a guest of amba Songshan, however this post was written independently and all opinions are my own.

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