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Ya Ge is Luxury Vegetarian Dim Sum

Being not vegetarian, I feel bad for vegetarian and vegan friends who don’t get to enjoy the fine dining prix-fixe meals that carnivores sometimes take for granted.

But right here in Taipei, vegetarians (and friends of vegetarians) can go to the Mandarin Oriental hotel on Dunhua North Road and sit down for a super premium, eight-course vegetarian set menu at their Cantonese restaurant, Ya Ge.

You can also order à la carte from the dim sum menu. To be clear, it was some of the best dim sum I’ve had in Taipei — vegetarian or not.

vegetarian food taipei

The dining room looks like the kind of place my grandparents would have loved.

vegetarian food taipei

Your place setting comes with two sets of chopsticks. The white set is for communal dishes. The black is your personal set. Of course I was constantly mixing them up and eating with the communal set by mistake.

This was the first course of the vegetarian set menu: braised asparagus inside bamboo pith.

vegetarian food taipei

A fun tea-style serving of matsutake mushroom and bamboo pith broth soup.

vegetarian food taipei

Braised morels and hearts of baby napa cabbage. So tender.

Other eye-opening things were the steamed tomato stuffed with mountain yam, the black truffle fried rice, and the dessert, which was mango, pomelo and coconut cream.

The vegetarian set menu is 3,000NT. Non-vegetarian sets ranged from 2,500NT to 4,500NT. Definitely special occasion prices.

vegetarian food taipei

We also tried a couple of items from the deluxe dim sum menu…

Steamed mushroom and truffle dumplings. Incredible. They’re 3 for 200NT.

vegetarian food taipei

Deep-fried mushroom and vegetable spring roll. So perfectly hot and crispy. It was possibly the best spring roll I’ve had in the past decade. These are also 3 for 200NT.

You can make reservations online via the Mandarin Oriental website or call 02 2715 6788.

I dined as a guest of Mandarin Oriental Taipei, however this post was written independently and all opinions are my own.

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