How Many Websites Does Ten Ren Need?


I’ve been planning to post about tea brand “Ten Ren” for a while. After all, it’s one of Taiwan’s most successful international brands. But what’s been stopping me is the total wackiness of their online presence. While trying to find a neat article or two about their business (no success, by the way), I instead found a dozen official Ten Ren URLs before I let go of the mouse and stepped away from my laptop.

So instead of a cool business story about Ten Ren, let’s take a look at some – not even all! – of the Ten Ren-related websites that exist in the universe. You might want to go make a cup of tea first… – San Francisco (starting with the worst…)

image – New York (note the broken image links on the homepage)

image – Los Angeles (someone hired a designer!)

image – Taiwan’s E-Commerce (this design probably expired in 2007)

image – Taiwan Corporate (looking just a little dated, I’d say)

image – Canada (they take their ISO certification seriously)

image – China (this is the best looking one, right?)

image – Melbourne (the Sydney stores have their own site at


I can think of two possible reasons for this madness:

1) Ten Ren is an octopus-like family business that spans four generations. Everyone wants to do things themselves. No one knows how to share.

2) Each store operates its own e-commerce operation, which might be tough to consolidate into one system.

I cringe at the thought of all the money that’s been spent on these sites, not to mention the mess to the brand’s Google search results. Eeeeek.

Photo Credit: (that’s Ten Ren’s boba franchise…)

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