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All Natural Taiwan Beauty Brand 23.5°N

I’ve been finding some real gems on Pinkoi lately. Yes, there are plenty of clothes, bags and accessories there. But did you know the online shopping platform is also a testing ground for emerging Taiwanese brands?

One of the standouts is 北緯23.5°N, a Taiwan beauty brand that uses all-natural local ingredients. The label is named after the latitude of the Tropic of Cancer, which cuts through central Taiwan.

red pearl barley beauty product

rice beauty product

23.5°N was conceived in August 2009 by four MBA classmates brainstorming business ideas. Helen Ho was the one to take the idea and run, working full-time on 23.5°N after graduation. The team now has seven people at their office in the Xinyi District focused on design and packaging, operations, sales, product development and customer service.

Damn, that packaging is nice.

taiwan tea beauty product

Helen’s advertising and branding background means she takes a different approach when it comes to growing the brand. First of all, every part of the design process from packaging to photography is created in-house.

Secondly, to contrast against the artificial, science-heavy trends common in Asian beauty, Helen leans on Taiwan’s biotech expertise to create more natural formulas using 100% Taiwanese ingredients such as rice, tea, bamboo and red pearl barley.

taiwan rice face mask

One night I tried the “Rice Soothing Ultra-Feather Mask” (above). A box of 5 masks is just 420NT. I noticed it fit much better than other masks I’ve tried (mostly Japanese brands) and was generously goopy and refreshing.

The range also includes cleansers, toners, moisturizers and gel masks for all skin types and conditions. If you want whitening, go with the red pearl barley products. For dry skin, choose the bamboo line. For irritated skin, rice is your best bet.

taiwan bamboo beauty product

You can order 23.5°N online through Yahoo, Momo, Pinkoi and their website. Or you can try products on the third floor of Eslite Xinyi. There is a display where you can test products and buy special sample sizes.

One more thing, I just love the brand promise: “From farm to face. From face to faith.”

helen ho 23.5 beauty taiwan

That’s Helen, who’s doing an incredible job building a credible Taiwan-made beauty brand. Respect.


Comments (2):

  1. Vicky

    January 7, 2017 at 09:33

    Thank you for the info on this company! I just received the Rice Soothing Gel Mask and just finished washing it off as I type this.

    I believe I got it from Beautibi, but I order from so many places that I can’t be sure.

    I really like how gentle and hydrating the mask is. I will be certain to check out some of their other products.

  2. shanty

    March 3, 2017 at 18:14


    I’ll be travelling to Taiwan next week. Do they have any stores there? or they are just selling it online?
    Thank you. 🙂


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