Teleport to NYC at Ounce Taipei

Update: Ounce has since closed. Sob.

Sometimes you just have to throw your wallet against a brick wall and shrug. Because that’s what you’ll be doing at Ounce Taipei. And once in a while that’s okay.

Ounce is a speakeasy behind a tiny coffee shop named Relax. Everything about Ounce is New York-like: The mixologists wear slim cut shirts with fitted vests. The languages spoken by staff are English and French.

The decor is new, nice and easygoing. There’s no indoor smoking (yay) which means the furniture — and the other patrons — don’t smell. And, naturally, the drinks are deliriously expensive but tasty.

In fact, there’s no menu – you just tell your mixologist what you’re in the mood for. Which means no price list. Which means four drinks for us came to over 2,000NT. Hahahahaha. So New York!

We’ll probably go to Ounce every couple of months to feel like grown ups. It’s kind of like the secret door that gets you into Narnia…I mean New York.

Find it here: No. 40 Ln. 63 Sec. 2 Dunhua S. Rd

Photo Credit: Sean Marc Lee

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