national palace museum taipei

National Palace Museum is Ranked #7 in the World

My friend Daphne Nash writes all about New York’s museum scene on her blog. Yesterday she emailed me an article about the National Palace Museum and now I know she’s just dying to come visit.

Thanks to the article she sent, I also learned a few things I didn’t know about Taipei’s National Palace Museum. For instance, prior to reading the above headline, did you know it ranked 7th in the world in museum attendance last year?

I had no idea it was that popular. Yes, I’ve been to NPM a couple of times. The air is lovely in the suburbs, it’s really a national treasure and all that…but the crowds. The crowds are very, very bad.

Now I know why…

national palace museum taipei

– More than 12,000 visitors a day visit the NPM.

– NPM is the most popular museum in Asia. Next in line is the National Museum of Korea in Seoul, which is ranked #14.

– More than 4.5 million people visited in 2013. The busiest months were August and November. January was the slowest.

– Ahead of NPM in the top 10 rankings were the Louvre in Paris, British Museum in London, The Met in New York, National Gallery in London, Vatican Museum and the Tate Modern. Not bad company.

– NPM had the top two most popular paying exhibits in the world in 2013, surpassing even the free exhibits.

No surprises that for such a food-obsessed culture, the most prized artworks are a jade cabbage (above) and a jade fatty pork.

Have you been lately? How was it?

national palace museum taipei

Source: The Art Newspaper

Image Credit: Wikipedia

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