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An Interview with a Designer at Fujin Tree Group

Fujin Tree Group runs some of the most Instagram-worthy lifestyle businesses in Taipei. If you take a stroll around the Minsheng Community area, you’ll trip over a handful of the company’s carefully curated retail shops, restaurants and clothing stores.

As soon as you step inside, it’s obvious Fujin Tree invests a lot in design and brand identity. Even though each business is different, there’s a common design thread they share because Fujin Tree runs their own design team.

I recently found one of the designers who worked at Fujin Tree Group, Ling-Wen Yen, and did a quick interview with her. She’s since left Taipei and moved to London, but here’s what she shared about design at Fujin Tree…

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What’s your background and when did you start working at Fujin Tree?

Ling-Wen Yen: I was graduated from MA Graphic Design at London College of Communication in 2014. Then I went back to Taipei and started working as a graphic designer in the group since the middle of 2015.

fujin tree oyster bar

How does the design team work within Fujin Tree group? 

The design team was three people but now there are two. We do lots of graphics to support our shops, events and online magazine. The daily duties of designers included both digital and print design. Sometimes it could even be three-dimensional, for instance a sign for a new shop.

We were also playing the role of communicator between the Fujin Tree team and different factories. We did our best to design things under a limited budget and on schedule.

fujin tree curry coffee

fujin tree curry coffee

What did you enjoy most about working there?

The best part is working with many great and talented people. It’s a pleasure to be able to divide tasks among the team and know that each and every one of them will be done at a high quality.

fujin tree curry coffee

Where did you go for design inspiration in Taipei?

I often went to independent bookstores, markets and exhibitions. Wildflower (荒花) and Shimokitazawa Generations (下北沢世代) are two of my favorites. They may be small but have a quality selection of zines. I always find an interesting random artsy book that sheds some new light. Garden City (田園城市) and Pon Ding (朋丁) are also good bookstores with nice exhibitions. They have artists making new projects and exhibitions constantly. Walk through these places always give me inspiration.

Finally, what are your plans in London?

I want to challenge myself out of the comfort zone and keep trying new things. Hope to meet interesting people here, and get involved in more fun projects.

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Thanks Ling-Wen and good luck in London! You can see more of her work on Behance.

Photo credit: Behance

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