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One of the Best Taipei Airbnb Listings

Imagine you’re stepping into a hipster hotel room. It looks and feels like a room you might book in downtown New York, but wait, you’re not. You’re actually in Taipei. And surprise, every single item inside – from the furniture to the light fixtures to the mattress itself – is designed and made in Taiwan.

That’s the experience you’ll have at Play Design Hotel. It’s a five-room boutique hotel where you can pick and choose the items in your room in advance, and you can also purchase anything that strikes you. The rooms are all located on the same floor inside a building in the Datong District, and they’re priced from 4,000NT per night, depending on the room.

You book online via Airbnb (links below), which is kind of genius as it cuts out the need for a reservation system and Airbnb does the marketing. In fact, I think it’s one of the best Taipei Airbnb listings…

best taipei airbnb play design hotel

The team behind Play Design Hotel is SOForest Design Strategy Co, a Taipei design studio formed in 2013. Play Design Hotel acts as a living design lab for SOForest’s own design products, and it’s also a retail channel for Taiwanese designers. This means SOForest gets to field-test its design prototypes with real consumers and get valuable feedback from its target audience. Pretty smart, right?

According to SOForest, the typical Play Design Hotel resident is a 25 to 35-year-old professional in the creative industries coming from neighboring countries: Singapore, China, Malaysia, South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan.

I have to admit, with all the “boutique” and “design” hotels popping up throughout the city in the past few years, it’s refreshing to see one operating with a point-of-view when it comes to Taiwanese design. And instead of trying to please just anyone with a credit card, they actually have a strong understanding of their customer.

best taipei airbnb play design hotel

best taipei airbnb play design hotel

Here are the Airbnb listings for the rooms. Notice there’s no room “504” – that would just be bad luck.

Room 501
Room 502
Room 503
Room 505
Room 506

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best taipei airbnb play design hotel

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