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Where to Eat Beef Noodle Soup at Midnight in Taipei

This beef noodle soup joint on Shimingdadao (and their second location in Xinyi District) doesn’t any win points for creative naming, but it does earn major points for serving delicious late night beef noodle soup til 4am.

Yes, 4am.

taipei beef noodles late night

The Shimingdadao shop is run by a small team of 30-somethings. Two guys and a girl run the front kitchen where the noodles are served. There’s another guy in the back making the braised dishes.

taipei beef noodles late night

There’s a help-yourself fridge with small dishes and drinks (waters, teas, soft drinks), but we ordered braised tofu and semi-crunchy pigs ears from the menu. Both were great.

taipei beef noodles late night

Two bowls of beef noodles, three small dishes and two drinks came to just over 400NT. An hour prior to coming here, we were sipping on small glasses of craft beer that cost the same. Oh, Taipei.


Shimingdadao location (Map)

Xinyi District location (Map)

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