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A Visit to Art Taipei 2015

Art Taipei — Asia’s longest running art fair — is happening now at Taipei World Trade Center. (Today is the last day!) Galleries from around the world are exhibiting 3,000 works of art. It’s one of my favorite events of the year.

The VIP day last Thursday was for the art buyers and their checkbooks. On Friday and the weekend, the event is open to the general public and their smartphones.

Not everything is for sale, but most artwork is. If something’s available, there’s a price listed. If it’s sold, there’s a red sticker.

I went to browse on Saturday afternoon…

art taipei 2015

It’s a rare chance to get up close and personal with all types of art in one space. The idea that you could potentially take something home (and blow your retirement fund) is what makes it fun.

art taipei 2015

art taipei 2015

The space is huge. We spent at least 90 minutes in there to make sure we saw every corner. Apparently there’s a Salvatore Dali and Marc Chagall exhibited this year, but I didn’t know, so didn’t look for them…

art taipei 2015

There are cafes and resting areas like above, where you know everyone on their phone is posting photos to social media.

art taipei yayoi kusama

It’s cool to see recognizable art in the flesh. For instance, there’s a lot of Yayoi Kusama.

art taipei tony cragg

And work by British sculptor, Tony Cragg.

art taipei jae yong kim

Korean artist Jae Yong Kim’s donuts were a popular attraction…

art taipei chiharu nishizawa

My favorite was seeing Japanese artist Chiharu Nishizawa painting live on site and getting to see how his composition comes together.

art taipei chiharu nishizawa

art taipei chiharu nishizawa

The exhibit is open til 6pm tonight, so get your butt down there. Tickets are 350NT at the door.

More info here:

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