Hi, I’m Kathy Cheng, a travel and lifestyle writer based in Taipei, Taiwan. I cover design, food, lifestyle, travel and the good life here in Taipei.

I’m also the founder of Thankful, an open-platform online gift registry that launched in 2013. It’s been covered by TechCrunch, Fast Company, Dwell, Lucky, New York Magazine (Weddings Issue) and The Billfold.

In my previous career, I was a copywriter and freelance content strategist. I worked at Smart Design in NYC and VSA Partners in Chicago. My clients included brands both big and small. You’re welcome to see my professional website: kathywcheng.com.


Editorial & Photo Policy

From time to time, I’m invited to write reviews and articles about hotels or restaurants in exchange for complimentary stays or meals. Whenever this is the case, I make a mention of this at the bottom of the post. In regards to images on Tricky Taipei, all photos are taken by me unless a photo credit says otherwise.


Contact & Media Requests

Email: trickytaipeiblog@gmail.com
Twitter: @trickytaipei
Facebook: Tricky Taipei


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