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If you’re a fellow “points” person like me, you’ll be very happy to know that another SPG property has opened in Taipei: the Aloft Beitou.

We recently enjoyed a one night stay to get out of the city and check out the new property…

aloft beitou

The Aloft Beitou just opened in January 2017. It’s got 292 rooms plus all the amenities, features and perks you’d expect at any other Aloft around the world. (The only other location I’ve stayed at is in Munich.)

There’s free Wi-Fi everywhere, a 24-hour gym and a fully-equipped, coin-operated laundry room so you’re not reduced to babysitting a bag of dirty clothes — my #1 pet peeve about being on the road.

aloft beitou

Like a lot of mid-priced hotels that have cropped up in Taipei these past couple of years, the Aloft Beitou is perfect for young families looking for a staycation break.

The huge lobby area has a roomy lounge, a pool table and also Aloft’s “w xyz” bar. Kids can run wild while adults enjoy cocktails at the bar. There’s also live music in the lobby every two weeks.

aloft beitou

Also in the lobby is a grab-and-go eatery with snacks, drinks and coffee machine. These Pokemon sparkling waters are popular as you can imagine.

I’m not a Pokemon player and even I let out an embarrassing “wow!” when I laid eyes upon them. Then when my husband arrived, he let out a gasp as well. We’re easy to impress.

aloft beitou


aloft beitou

The rooms at Aloft are super nice as expected. The bathroom is roomy and stocked with Bliss bath products.

aloft beitou

For toddlers, this cute circus tent is available upon request.

aloft beitou

Before checking out, we had lunch at Nook, the casual dining restaurant on the third floor. This was the Aloft Burger for 680NT. It came with a juicy meat patty, a piece of fried chicken and a grilled salmon steak. Completely impossible to eat together as a burger but delicious all the same.

aloft beitou

In keeping with my policy of ordering dishes I would never attempt to make at home, this was the tomahawk pork chop for 880NT.

aloft beitou

Finally, the massive Hollywood Cobb salad for 380NT with Thousand Island dressing on the side. The Asian in me makes it difficult to choose any other dressing if Thousand Island is an option.

aloft beitou

While pets can’t stay in the rooms, this terrace outside Nook is pet friendly and you can even order dishes for your dog or cat. I’m serious. There are three options on the “pet menu”: a beef burger, chicken breast and salmon. All served with vegetables. All priced at 280NT.

Getting to Aloft Beitou is easy by car since valet parking is free. But if you’re traveling by MRT, it’s a 10-minute walk from either the Beitou or Qiyan MRT stations.

While I wasn’t in the mood to partake in the hot springs, you can ask the front desk to call you a taxi to the hot springs at Xinbeitou. It’s about a 10 minute ride. Shilin Night Market is a few MRT stops away.

Aloft Taipei Beitou

Thanks to the team at Aloft Beitou for organizing my hotel stay. This post was written independently by me and all opinions are my own.

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