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Photos from this brilliantly-styled wedding photo shoot popped up in my newsfeed a couple of days ago. After I put my eyeballs back into their sockets, I immediately emailed the groom, Taipei-based product designer, Balance Wu, to ask about sharing the photos here.

Thank god, he agreed. Because everyone needs to see this.

balance wu wedding

The insanely photogenic couple: Balance Wu and Chin Yang. The photos were taken by their friend, who happens to be professional fashion photographer, Lan Chi Sheng.

balance wu wedding

It’s the most original Taiwanese wedding photo shoot I’ve seen. And that’s saying a lot because people get batshit crazy about wedding photos here.

Too bad everyone wants to act like romantic royals from Korean soap operas instead of tongue-in-cheek and cool like these two legends.

balance wu wedding

Balance is wearing a leather bowtie from their joint leather goods brand, Moxor. Each bowtie is made from reclaimed motorcycle seat cushion leather and handmade in Taiwan.

Chin is wearing a few diamond eraser rings from Balance’s collection.

balance wu wedding

balance wu wedding

I asked Balance what their parents thought of these photos. He said they thought they were beautiful, and were accepting of it because the two of them often work on designs they don’t understand. Then they asked if it was expensive. The answer was no since a friend did the shoot.

Typical Taiwanese parents, am I right?!

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