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taipei design airbnb

Be still, my minimalist heart.

This amazing Taipei design Airbnb rental, named “Ximending White House”, is one part 2001: A Space Odyssey, two parts OCD crazy asylum. Swoon.

taipei airbnb ximending

It’s located near the Ximen and Beimen MRT stops and costs 2,899NT a night. Sleeps two. No pets or commercial events.

taipei airbnb minimalist

After seeing so many Taipei Airbnb listings with inexplicable floral wall decals, this studio apartment is a breath of fresh air. Just one thing: You’ll probably need a sleeping mask…

Here’s the listing.

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2 Responses to The Perfect Taipei Design Airbnb

  1. Taipei Style says:

    Wow! Very minimalistic and with great taste!


  2. kelly says:

    Just my kind of room too! I prefer minimilistic!

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